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"It is always someone else’s disease. We project our fear of illness, fear of our own dissolution to the world and locate it in the Other. It is not us, but the Other who totters on the brink of collapse.

But remove the Other. Removals shows the most common diseases a few minutes after the operations, in a corner of an operating room, lit by an operating room light, in a kidney bowl, in two hospitals in Tampere, Finland.

These are everyone’s and no-ones’ diseases.”

Maija Tammi

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katiekupkake said: Ughhhh your blog is perfect :) :)

aha, thanks! sorry it’s only sporadically updated. i meant to get into giffing horror movies/youtube videos, but i’m lazy :( 


Mobil advertisement, 1967
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Mobil advertisement, 1967

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I still can’t believe this ever aired on the Saturday Morning “FOX BOX” or as an episode of Ninja Turtles.

I like the newer show best and it even has an overall higher rate of delicious nightmare fuel but this was just outrageous.

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The Others-Seven Sins Character Art




Baby Gluttony

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50’s Horror Originals vs Remakes

 ➥ The Fly (1958 vs 1986), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 vs 1978), House of Wax (1953 vs 2005), The Thing and The Thing from Another World (1958 vs 1982), The Blob (1958 vs 1988)

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yeah, taco bell did this to me too

yeah, taco bell did this to me too

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Cyberdemon by ValentrisRRock



Cabinet of Monstrosities by Hajime Emoto. They are supposed to represent the 7 deadly sins. 

These were all made from paper and bamboo. Here is his website, although it’s in Japanese. (Website)

I forgot the best one

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Anonymous said: Regarding your most recent reblog with the meat world, you may want to fix your tags - that is not Silent Hill; the captures are backgrounds from the visual novel "Saya no Uta". It's listed in the source post but said source was removed by a reblogger.

oh whoops, that makes more sense since i couldn’t remember a silent hill game that had a meat world like that. thanks