Photog by Peter Vidani
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The sculpture park of Veijo Rönkkönen located in Finland. 

It’s a park full of human sculptures performing various activities. There are over 200 figures, most of which are self-portraits of the artist himself.  Some of these sculptures use real human teeth. 

The artist Veijo Rönkkönenwas a man who kept to himself. While he was a small town miller, many say he had experienced the world, and the various ethnicities of the statues may exemplify this. 

He had numerous requests to showcase his work, but he rejected them all. Following the artist’s death, the sculpture garden and accompanying property was purchased by Finnish businessman Reino Uusitalo who plans to refurbish the sculptures as needed and offer guided tours of the premises.



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Anonymous said: I found a spider in my bed, it was very small and it made me shit me self. Please what should I do now?



Become one…

With the spider

that man has 9 arms. he is better than the average spider. he is more powerful. dermatologist spiders HATE him 


eleutheromaniac21: El Infierno de Mark Powell

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▼ Art by Vibeness


"Floaty Gross" by Suika Ibuki.


Metalosis Maligna is a fake disease invented by award-winning Dutch filmmaker Floris Kaayk.

According to the mockumentary, Metalosis Maligna occurs when a metal implant has a bad interaction with human body tissues, causing the metal to grow tendrils that eventually puncture the skin from within and destroy it.

I was skimming through the video at first not knowing it was a mockumentary and landed on the part of the man in bed. I nearly died. 


old fave. i remember this being passed around /x/ as TOTALLY REAL YOU GUYS

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Original design maquette! #sdcc #beetlejuice #timburton


Original design maquette! #sdcc #beetlejuice #timburton

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We Can’t Stop Staring At These Hyperrealistic Depictions Of Innards And Guts

that last one. i hope it’s titled ‘portrait of the artist getting Dam freaky with a Cool Skull’

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